Remote health services. Distance is no longer a barrier

Our Portal allows health professionals around the world to provide volunteer services to Ukrainian citizens suffering from Russian aggression.
To provide professional service to them please register on the Portal.
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We connect everyone who needs competent health care with professionals who are ready to provide such assistance. Modern telecommunication means used by our portal allow providing remote consultation or permanent monitoring, regardless of the distance that separates the user and the professional.

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MedBrama Portal along with the UARITM Association are working on projects to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in practical medicine.

We are beginning to provide access to the means of its practical application in the diagnosis of diseases. The visitor to the portal will be able to conduct their own research in a few seconds. Diagnosis of X-rays for symptoms of viral or bacterial pneumonia is now available.











The patient's application includes everything you need to manage your health

Пошук лікаря на сайті

Find a doctor online

You have access to a global search for doctors by specialty, place of work, geographical location and many additional parameters (experience, qualifications, experience, etc.) - fast, convenient, efficient

Календар записів на прийом

Make an appointment with a doctor 24/7

You have the opportunity to make an appointment with a specialist at a convenient time for you and your doctor. The system will remind everyone in advance about the planned consultation via e-mail and SMS. You have the opportunity to send the necessary results of tests and diagnostics to the doctor in advance

Історія хвороби, записів на прийом

Record and visit history is available

All analyses and diagnostic results that you have sent to your doctor are available in your application. This is extremely convenient if you are planning a new visit or online communication with a doctor. The application allows you to download medical documents, including images, MRT and computed tomography

Піклування про близьких

You can find a doctor for loved ones

You can find a doctor not only for yourself but also for your family, even if you are in different cities. Our app will help you save time, money and effort when you need to find answers to your health questions

Медичні дослідження

Compatibility with remote test

If you use telemetry services (remote ECG monitoring, etc.), your diagnostic results are always available in your application. You can send them to your doctor at any time for evaluation and recommendations

Візити до лікаря онлайн, теленагляди

Virtual visits to the doctor

Usually patients after heart attacks, strokes, surgeries, injuries and in general in the rehabilitation phase need regular communication with a doctor. The patient app will help you conveniently plan and conduct online visits

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Telemedicine consultations
- exchange of clinical cases between the attending physician and the consultant in order to obtain recommendations
- daily procedure used by doctors to refer a patient for a consultation in order to obtain the opinion of an expert or specialist in another specialty on a clinical case, with intensive use of modern information and communication technologies

  • All information in electronic form becomes available to participants of the procedure instantly
  • Implemented system of notifications and reminders via SMS, e-mail, web application messages
  • Online video or audio communication is provided
  • The work is carried out only with the data of clinical cases, i.e. all the necessary information is transmitted, except for personal data of the patient
  • You can include in the consultations the results of any diagnostic tests of MRI, CT, radiographs, results of laboratory diagnostics, etc.
  • There is no need for additional programs for the computer, because everything is processed in the "cloud" on the Internet
  • The doctor actually gets a 24-hour e-assistant / secretary to organize his work
  • The doctor gets online access to the experience of colleagues in all specialties and qualifications

Remote monitoring
(home telemedicine) - providing recommendations to the patient by the attending physician, through the use of information and communication technologies

  • Convenient service when it is necessary to maintain immediate or significant contact of the doctor with the patient. This is most often required in cases of treatment and rehabilitation after strokes, heart attacks, surgeries, injuries, and general chronic diseases, when the doctor has prescribed treatment and needs to be regularly adjusted and monitored. In such cases, online communication with the patient is sufficient, where you can remotely listen to complaints and provide recommendations
  • This service becomes the best choice in cases of mass infectious diseases, when the number of patients is growing rapidly and it is necessary to reduce the viral load on physicians
  • Convenience of planning and saving of your time
  • Comfort of work (the system performs the functions of a personal assistant doctor)
  • Increasing the number of patients who can be well served by a doctor

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f a medical institution plans to optimize its activities and at the same time expand the range of medical services, including increasing the list of areas in which medical care is provided, then telemedicine is the right choice.

Telemedicine technologies allow you to create a quality system of access to best practices and experience for each doctor in your institution at minimal cost.

By registering in the MedBrama telemedicine system, you get access to the database of medical institutions in Ukraine, and in the near future from around the world.

Your doctors registered in the system have the opportunity to consult and provide advice to colleagues online. Your facility and doctors will be available to search for potential patients from anywhere in the country and from abroad.

To get started, you need to register for free online at MedBrama and create profiles of doctors in the system.

Why should this interest you?

Improving the quality of medical services

Statistics, accounting and control of services provided by doctors of the institution

Full automation of institution in the field of telemedicine

Availability of a complete list of services for any medical institution from family clinics to clinics of research institutes

Ease of implementation of telemedicine and unnecessity of significant investments

Obtaining additional sources of funding without increasing of the institution's operating expenditures

Expanding the potential range of patients without increasing the number of doctors in the institution

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